I’ve been out on foot this weekend, wandering the length of Manhattan. The Queen of Manhattan was out with various of her ‘casanovas’, as she calls her series of male friends, all of whom have been rejected as potential ‘lovers’ – “I told him, daarling, forget it, itz not going to happen”, but all who remain on the books. So I took myself off to see the Highline (http://www.thehighline.org/).

This is an amazing example of urban regeneration. In the 1903s an elevated railway line was built up the west side of Manhattan to carry freight trains away from the streets, It stopped being used for trains in 1980, but remained an impressive steel structure. When the line was threatened with demolition in 1999, conservationists banded together to protect it.The Friends of the High Line worked with the city council to develop plans to make it into a public park. The first section opened in 2009, the second has just opened, and for free, you can wander it’s half a mile length, between 21st street in Chelsea, to around 30th street. As you are 30 feet in the air, you get great views of the city, and the Hudson river and the piers along the Manhattan banks at Chelsea. But you also get the flavour of wandering along overgrown rail tracks – in the middle of the city. Combine that with art works along the way, street sellers, and lovely seats at different points, and the whole idea is a real success.

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