The weather has finally cheered up. But in a twist that I didn’t expect here, it’s gone from cold and windy, to scorching! I spent the day in work looking out at blue skies above the skyscrapers, actually chilly in the air-conditioning, and then popping out in the heat to get iced-coffee and lunch. So after getting home and sorting the usual stuff out, I was determined to get out and enjoy the weather.

It was about 8pm, but still warm and light, and, because the skies were finally clear, the sunset was streaking the sky with pink and purple. I had realised that as the apartment block is a stone’s throw from the East River, there must be a way of walking along it. So I put on the ipod and set off. As I diced with death crossing the three-land racetrack that runs up the side of Manhattan, FDR Drive, I realised that on the other side of it is a lovely walkway, all along the riverside. It’s paved, there are seats and even chess tables and it was busy with dog-walkers, people with kids in pushchairs and joggers, and fishermen! And of course the views were amazing.


But it brought home again to me the differing attitudes to road traffic here. While I’d love to sit and look at these views, or sit and read a book, as people were, having the equivalent of the M6, or the Westlink, jammed with honking revving traffic, right behind somewhat spoilt it – for me anyway!

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