Well, here we are in that horrible limbo of leaving, but not quite. It’s around 96 degrees today, so really too hot to do anything, but pack (which we’ve done) and wait (which we are doing) and try not to sweat too much.

I spent all of yesterday wracked with worry that I haven’t done enough with my time here, and panicking about what I’m going to do when I get back. I also really want to stay and live here properly, for a while anyway. But today I just want to go if we’re going – I want to be back in our house, and see the dog, and savour the cool of NI (that may not last for long!)

Looking on the positive side, Mutley and I made a list of things we won’t miss – the honking sirens on fire engines; the mosquitos which have bitten him to death; sweating so comprehensively that everything you’re wearing is damp.

But we’ve had such a great time – and met some great people. So this week we had a couple of really quite sad goodbyes, with the Russian beauty and her great friends, and with the Off The Sidewalk impressarios – who it’s been great to re-get-to-know, and everyone keeps saying, ‘you’ll be back’, so I guess we’ll see. So goodbye New York, for now….

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