Well, it looks like I am finally, definitely going to New York. I have been waiting and waiting for confirmation of the job offer, but as I sat and bit my nails, and watched the flight prices go up, I decided to take matters into my own hands, So I’ve booked flights and I leave on Saturday.

Now panic has set in! There’s so much to do before I leave – and of course I’m now questioning why I want to go at all, and leave my lovely home in green and pleasant Ireland, in lively but manageable Belfast, to go a huge, noisy, alien city. The answer is that I really need an adrenelin boost. I work as a political journalist for a TV programme in Northern Ireland. But before that I spent three years overseas teaching journalism and working as a consultant for media organisations in developing countries. After three years of months at a time in far flung places, many of them emerging from conflict, I longed for stability and a home in one place. And I found it in Belfast. But five years later, I’m in need of a change of scene again – so here goes!

My marvellous partner, who I shall call Mutley due to his mischevous snigger, has been amazingly supportive of me going (in a way that I don’t think I would have been if it was the other way around!) and will come out and meet me for a holiday. But I’m also having to live without seeing the dog for 6 weeks!

However, this evening, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I’ve been invited to a cocktail party in New York on Tuesday night. Not even there yet and I’m already on for a Manhattan in Manhattan – can’t be bad!